An unexpected compliment.

I was feeling very self-conscious this morning, partly because I hadn’t slept very well and was groggy and drained. I’ve put on weight recently and have been feeling very aware of it this week. And to top it all off, my wardrobe has become a bit of a disorganised mess, and I couldn’t find anything to put together and call an outfit for work.

In the end, I layered a couple of plain tops and pulled on the first pair of trousers I could find, which happened to be a pair of clingy, unflattering denim-look leggings. They should only be worn with much longer tops, but it was a time-related emergency. To cover up the areas I was feeling so aware of, I added a long(ish) floaty cardigan thing in totally the wrong colour to the mix, and finished with a necklace that didn’t even remotely go with anything, just to add to the chaos. And then I bolted out the door to work.

The whole way there, I felt paranoid that people were staring at me. What the heck is she wearing? Look at the state of that!A girl that size should not be wearing those leggings! As I hurried along, I kept my head down and tried to keep pulling the cardigan around me to hide the unsightly parts, resolving to resume my exercise regime at the earliest opportunity. I longed for the moment when I could sink down behind my desk and hide my out-of-shape and ridiculously-dressed self with bad hair from the world. It was that sort of morning.

And then I came in through the door at work and my boss said “Good morning Hayley… oh! You look so pretty!”.

It just made me happy.


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