Seeing a favourite musician in concert

Take That were the first. Thursday, 18th of November, 1993. I remember because I counted down to that date for several months beforehand – I was really, really excited about that concert! I was 12 years old, and Take That were the most incredible creatures on the planet.

I saw them again the next year, and then again ten whole years later at their reunion tour (twice!). In between times, I saw Simon and Garfunkel, Robbie Williams, The Beautiful South, The Divine Comedy, and several others. Last night, I went to my first big concert in far too long, to see the legendary Eric Clapton.

Different artists, different styles, different vibes. But one thing is the same at every concert I go to. It’s that thrill of anticipation on arrival at the venue, when crowds of fans are swarming towards the doors, and souvenir vendors are blowing whistles and waving glowsticks… when you catch your first glimpse of the stage through the entrance doors… when you see the arena filling up… when the lights go down and everyone holds their breath excitedly… when shadowy figures walk on to the stage and you recognise them… when you hear the promising click-click-click-click of drumsticks counting in the band… when the stage is flooded in bright lights and familiar music fills the air as your hero launches into their opening number. The crowd goes wild.

It just makes me happy.


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