Weather-appropriate coffee

There’s a very small, glass-fronted cabinet in the shop across the road from my school. It sits on a shelf by the front door, and contains a few bottles each of about 20 kinds of drinks. Energy drinks, honey drinks, flavoured tea drinks, and of course several varieties of coffee. When I’m walking to work and see that I’ve just missed the crossing light, I know I’ve time to dash to the shop, open the cabinet, grab a coffee, pay, and be back out again before the lights change.

The best thing, however, is that this magical little cabinet changes with the seasons. On blisteringly hot, sweaty, clammy summer mornings when I’m staggering to work with my hair plastered to my red face, I open the cabinet and retrieve an ice cold drink. On freezing cold, snowy, frosty mornings when I’m wrapped up in layers and a scarf, the cabinet provides me with a selection of warm drinks.

It’s a very simple thing, but it just makes me happy.


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