Being liked by a child.

Well, being liked by anyone, obviously. It’s always nice to be liked!

But children are different. They don’t yet have the same two-faced attitude that most adults (often unintentionally) have. As adults, we try to be polite, to say nice things even when we can’t stand the person we’re saying them to, to smile and pretend we like people we really don’t. Children don’t do that. There’s no need for such pretence in their world. If someone annoys you, you show your annoyance by stamping your feet, or screaming, or telling tales. If you dislike someone, you won’t go over to them and try to be friends. If you really can’t stand them, you’ll glare at them or push them away sulkily when they come near to you.

It might not be the most serene and amicable atmosphere, but you can’t deny that it’s honest. You’re never in any doubt about how a child feels about you at any particular moment in time, and you might have to endure a fair amount of sulky glares and pouting lower lips. But at the same time, there are few things nicer than a child running over, calling your name excitedly, and throwing their arms around you in a bear hug just because they’re excited to see you. It’s so real, so pure, and so heartfelt that you can’t be inĀ  any doubt of how they feel about you.

Being liked by a child. It just makes me happy.