Finishing a project

I start off so enthusiastically when I get a new set of articles to write, a new project to work on, fresh material to work with. I write and write and write, and then I realise I’m exhausted, and then the enthusiasm starts to fade. But by that stage I’m normally about three quarters of the way there, so I know that if I just keep going, I’ll soon be able to savour that delicious moment when I hit save on the final article and know that my work here is done.

I’m not a shoddy writer. In so many things, I do a half-hearted job because the work bores me or seems pointless to me. But I really, really love to write, and I always aim for perfection, no matter how seemingly dull or uninspiring the subject matter may be. It horrifies me when I land a “rewriting” job and am presented with a set of articles by a hapless client who has learned the hard way that you really shouldn’t just automatically choose the writer who makes the lowest bid. That writer will almost certainly be (a) someone in a far-off land who has English as their second or third language (and I use the word “has” in the loosest possible sense), or (b) a struggling student or housewife trying to make a few extra pennies through writing, with the unfortunate handicap of being completely unable to spell or structure a sentence. The client receives a set of shockingly awful articles, and then has to pay another – more expensive – writer to rewrite them. Much better to just pay the higher fee in the first place, non?

I take pride in my writing, and I aim to make every article, script and blog post informative, engaging and easy to read, even if it’s about something that would ordinarily bore me to tears. So when I get to the end of a writing project, I always have that sense of satisfaction that I’ve never known to come from anything else. It’s a job well done – I did my very best, it’s of the highest possible standard, and the client is going to be pleased. I draw up my invoice and send it on, happy in the knowledge that I earned my money. I file the articles away in my growing portfolio. And I feel good.

It just makes me happy.


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