Knowing I’m Loved

When life – or a man – leaves you barely hanging together, it’s very easy to get sucked into the self-pitiful abyss where it seems that you’re all alone. You’re rejected, not good enough, a failure, unwanted, unloved, not worth being with.That’s a crap place to be.

And it’s nonsense. Just because one person changes his mind about you doesn’t have any effect on who you are, however tempted you might be to believe it.

There are emails that make you cry because they’re so full of love and concern and compassion. There are blog comments from readers who don’t want to desert you even though you’re not particularly bright and chirpy and witty at the moment. There are comments from readers who have lurked until now, and just want to let you know that they’re there, and they appreciate you. There are Facebook messages filled with offers of places to stay. There are emails and text messages from a family who love you. There are Skype calls with supportive friends who want you to know they’re there with you, even if they’re half a world away. There is emotional support and comfort, there is practical advice and guidance, there are offers of financial help and accommodation, there are jokes and attempts to make you laugh and see the funny side, there are pushes to keep you busy and moving forward, ensuring that you don’t get stuck in a rut. There are people out there who do want you, and do think you’re worth it.

I know, more certainly and definitely now than ever before, that I’m loved. And that… that just makes me happy.



  1. especially by Eyeore 🙂

  2. I’m with d@ve – men may come and go, but Eeyore will always love you!

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